Creating Notes in Tegrity

Creating notes in Tegrity is a great way to record the thoughts and questions you may have while viewing a Tegrity recording. There are two ways to go about creating notes in Tegrity:


Creating Course Notes

After logging into Tegrity, go to the course in which you'd like to take notes in. When you are redirected to the course page, hover your mouse over the Course Tasks drop-down menu and click on Take In Class Notes.


On the next page, type your notes in the box provided. Unfortunately, none of the bookmarking features will work when you are in the notes section. This is because these features are only available when you are watching a specific recording (covered in the next section).

However, you may still take text notes and export them to PDF or RTF.


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Creating Recording Notes and Bookmarks

After logging into Tegrity, click on the course where the recording you'd like to view is housed. Start the recording.

Notice that there is a box in the lower right corner of the page titled Bookmarks and Notes. Here is where all of your notes and bookmarks will appear. At the bottom of the box is a space where you can create the bookmarks.


Your bookmarks and notes will appear as a list in chronological order, despite in what order you may have made them. Notice that there are two types of bookmarks you are allowed to make: unclear and important. Unclear notes are signified by a question mark, whereas important notes are signified by an exclamation point (see image below).

You can change the type of bookmark by clicking on the drop-down menu above the add button in the Bookmarks and Notes box.


Once your bookmarks have been made, you can jump to the times in the recording the bookmarks are set at. There will be time signatures under the Bookmarks and Notes menu, and there will also be yellow (important) and orange (unclear) dots on the timeline of the recording.


Also note that hovering over bookmarks in your Bookmarks and Notes menu will give you the option of (from left to right) Tweeting, emailing, or deleting the bookmark.


To access all bookmarks and notes features (as seen in the course notes section), expand the Bookmarks and Notes window by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the window in the Tegrity viewer.


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