Downloading and Playing a Recording (Mac)

Tegrity allows users to download recordings to their computer so that they may watch them without an Internet connection. This tutorial will walk you through how to download a Tegrity recording and play it back on a Mac.

Note: if you are using a PC, please see our tutorial on Downloading and Playing a Recording on a PC.

  • After logging into Tegrity, click the course that houses the recording you'd like to download.
  • Once you are in the course, a list of recordings will appear. Find the recording you'd like to download and check the box next to the recording's date found on the right side of the screen.
  • Then hover your mouse over Recording Tasks and select Download Recording.

(If you'd like to download a recording while you're viewing it, the same icon should appear in the bottom right of the Tegrity viewer.)



  • Once you have clicked it, a download window from Tegrity will appear asking you to confirm that you'd like to download the recording. Check to make sure you are downloading the correct recording and click the Download button.


  • The file will begin to download and the process will appear at the bottom of your browser. You can see that it is a zip file. To unzip it, click on the icon once it is done downloading. 


  • The file will unzip and will be shown in Finder under Downloads. You can see that a folder has been created for the course, and inside that folder are many files. Double-click the one titled "Default.htm".
  • The file will open in your browser window, but the recording will be able to play without an Internet connection.

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