Allowing Students to Record in Tegrity

Did you know that Tegrity recordings are not limited to faculty use? Using their NETID, UW students can log on to Tegrity and record their own sessions within a course they are enrolled in.

Faculty may wish to assign student recordings to:

  • Record oral assignments/projects. If students are looking for a way to include presentations as artifacts for their ePortfolio, capturing it with Tegrity is a great idea.
  • Virtually present in an online environment. If instructors are teaching an online class, a good alternative to presentation would be recording a Tegrity session modeled as a presentation.
  • Using Tegrity as a video blog/student reflection space. Students can record themselves voicing their thoughts on the course, to be viewed and commented on by the instructor and other students in the class.

For more information about this feature, visit the recording page under the student section of LT's Tegrity tutorials.



Granting Students Access to Recording Features

Before students can begin recording in Tegrity, instructors will need to make sure that their course is set to allow student recordings.

  • From your Tegrity home page, find the course you wish to allow students recording access to and click its name.
  • Hover your mouse over Course Tasks and select Course Settings.

  • From the Course Settings page, simply make sure the box next to Allow students to record is checked. After checking the box or confirming it is checked already, click OK at the bottom of the screen.

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Student Views During/After Recording

When students record a Tegrity session, they will follow the same procedure instructors do while recording (logging in, going to course, clicking the "record" button, etc.). However, when they are finished and have uploaded the recording, it will be housed under a new tab in the Tegrity course titled Student Recordings.

Additionally, students will not be able to delete, edit, change settings, and various other privileges. They will only be able to play and download recordings.

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