Setting Publishing Options

Tegrity allows instructors to make their Tegrity recordings available at a certain time, and viewable to either students in the class or everyone on the web.


Setting up Custom Publishing

  • After finishing a Tegrity recording, check its box, found on the right side of the screen next to its date.

  • Hover your mouse over the Recording Tasks drop-down menu and select Publish.


  • A new window will open, allowing you to choose when your recording will be published. Choosing Always will allow the recording to immediately be public. Choosing Never will allow the recording to stay private (viewable to only the instructor). Choosing Date Range ______ and ______ will set up a time frame in which the recording will be available.
  • When you have set your preferences, click Save to submit.


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Linking a Private or Public Recording

  • From your Tegrity course menu, check the box next to a recording you would like to make public or private.
  • Hover your mouse over the Recording Tasks drop-down menu and select Share Recording.
  • A window will appear containing a link for the course and a box reading Do not allow anonymous users to view this recording. If you would like this recording to remain private to those enrolled in the course, leave this box checked. If you would like to make the recording public, uncheck the box.


  • Make sure that if you are retrieving the url, you check or uncheck the "anonymous users" box before you copy it. Checking or unchecking the box will change the url.
  • Click close when you have finished the steps.
  • You can now paste the copied url in emails, on course websites, or anywhere else you would like to share your recording.

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