Recording in a UWB Classroom

Every UW Bothell classroom is equipped with an ePodium containing all hardware and software necessary for recording your lecture using Tegrity. The following instructional video will provide you with directions and best practices for recording a Tegrity session in a classroom in UW Bothell.

View the video transcript here via Google Docs


Here's a quick overview of what is discussed in the video:

  1. Log into the podium computer using your UWB login.
  2. Start a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and navigate to http://uw.tegrity.com. Log in with your UW NetID.
  3. If the popup blocker is enabled, you will need to click on the link “Click here to open your Tegrity sessions list.”
  4. Click on the record button and:
    • Select the course you’re recording.
    • Create a title for the recorded session.
    • Select whether you want video with your audio.
    • Verify that when you speak the green audio bar moves.
    • Click on “Record a Class.”
  5. Once you are done with the class lecture, click on the red stop button at the bottom of the screen. The lecture will be automatically uploaded.