Recording on a Mac

You may notice that the features on the Tegrity Recorder for Mac are a bit less advanced and looks different than on the PC version. However, using the Tegrity Recorder on a Mac is simple and fairly similar to using the PC version.

After logging into uw.tegrity.com with your UW NetID, click the Record a Class button at the top of the page.

The Tegrity Recorder will either launch automatically, or prompt you to choose what to launch the application with. From the list, choose Tegrity Recorder and click OK.


The Tegrity Recorder will launch, but before you can record you will need to adjust the recording settings in the window that appears.


  • (A) Choose the course in which you would like to record in.
  • (B) Choose a unique title for the recording. If you are planning on regularly recording your lectures in Tegrity, it may be helpful to include the date in the title.
  • (C) Speak into the microphone and make sure the audio hits around the middle of the bar. If it doesn't, you can adjust the recording volume by clicking on Set Volume. If you need to change which microphone you're using (as Macs come with a built-in mic), choose the input from the drop-down menu.
  • (D) If you'd like to include video (using the iSight) in your recording, click the box labeled Instructor Camera.
  • (E) When you have adjusted all settings, click the Record a Class button to begin the recording process.

Once you start the recording, a controller will appear at the bottom of the screen. This controller allows the user to stop (end) or pause the recording.


Once you are ready to end the recording, click the stop button. A window will appear asking what you'd like to do with the recording. To upload it to Tegrity and finalize the recording process, click the Save and Upload button. If you'd like to continue recording, click cancel. If you'd like to delete what you have just recorded, click don't save


Once you click Save and Upload, your recording will begin uploading in Tegrity. It should be available for viewing by users in the course shortly.