Linking Students to a Class Recording

Tegrity video links are a convenient and easy way for you to share your Tegrity videos with students, staff, and faculty members. Whether you are sharing exclusively with your students, or openly with the general public, this tutorial will teach you how to access and use Tegrity video links for your own video recordings.

  • Go to http://uw.tegrity.com and log in using your UWNetID.
  • Select the course where your video is located.
  • Check the box next to the recording you want to share.

image of check box

  • Click the 'Recording Tasks' button.
  • Select 'Share Recording'.

image of recording tasks menu

Next, decide between these two options:

  • To have the video be available for anyone with the link to view, leave the box unchecked and copy the URL.
  • To have only participants of the course view the video, check the box underneath the link and copy the new URL.


image of share recording window