Basic Editing in Tegrity

If you are busy recording a lecture and suddenly encounter a problem, distraction, or mistake, don't panic! By using the Tegrity Class Editor, you can modify your recording after you have recorded it.


Getting to the Editing View

  • From the Courses page, click on the course where the recording you wish to edit is located.
  • Find the recording you would like to edit and check the box found on the right side of the page next to the recording's date.
  • Hover your mouse over the Recording Tasks drop-down menu and select Edit Recording.


  • Upon choosing Edit, you should be redirected to the Tegrity Class Editor.

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If you would like to delete a specific section of the recording, you can achieve this using the Cut feature on the Tegrity Editor.

  • From the Editor, a list of actions will be shown in the top-left portion of the screen. The Cut action should be selected by default when first entering the Editor.


  • You will notice that upon selecting Cut, two boxes will appear with buttons labeled From, To and Cut.


  • Pause the recording at the beginning of the section you would like to delete. While the recording is paused, click the From button.
  • Now, resume the recording and pause it again at the end of the section you would like to delete. While the recording is paused, click the To button.
  • Click the Cut button to apply the edit.
  • A message will pop up warning you that the action cannot be undone. If you are completely sure you'd like to permanently delete the section you have chosen to cut, click OK.
  • When applied, the editor window will refresh and the updated recording will appear.

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Editing Chapter Name and Keywords

Changing the chapter name and adding chapter keywords can help students find information they may be looking for within the recording. This also helps organize long recordings.

  • From the list of actions, select Edit Chapter


  • A drop-down menu will appear containing every chapter in the recording displayed chronologically. Also, there will be a place where you can edit the chapter's Title and add keywords.
  • Select the chapter you would like to edit first. Then change the title of the chapter and add any keywords to add more detail to the chapter.


  • When finished, click Apply. A small message will appear telling you that the add operation was successful.
  • Repeat this for each of the other chapters in the recording.

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