Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows Vista 32-bit or Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)/ XP 64-bit
  • 250MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended)
  • 500MB Hard Drive space
  • CD-ROM
  • USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 recommended)
  • Display capabilities of 16-bit colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my computer doesn't recognize my webcam when I plug it into the USB port?
A: Make sure that you are plugged into a USB port that is available on the computer tower and not plugged into a separate peripheral. Also test to make sure that the USB cord is properly connected to your computer.

Q: I am trying to video connect with more than one person via the conferencing option but I can't see anybody and they can't see me. How do I fix this problem?
A: Unfortunately, at this time Skype only supports two way video conferencing, however, you may still use your webcam as a microphone to connect via audio conversation with multiple users.

Q: How can I make my video feed less choppy?
A: Make sure that you are not running any other bandwidth demanding applications such as Internet Browsers, Instant Messengers, etc. as these will cause your webcam to appear choppy.

Q: How do I turn down or increase the volume when using my headset?
A: Click call in the list at the top and then click "Adjust Sound Settings." A new options menu will appear. There will be a blue dot that adjusts the volume level of the headphones. Slide the bar to the left to decrease the volume. Alternatively, slide the dot to the right to increase the volume.

Q: My web cam is producing a funny color, how do I change that?
A: First make sure that you close out all current conversations and web casts. Then go to the "Tools" menu at the top, and select "Options..." from the drop down list. Select "Video Settings" from the left menu. To the right, select "Webcam Settings." A new dialogue box should pop up with video settings. Make sure that you have the "Video Proc Amp" tab selected. Locate the option called "White Balance." Make sure that you check the box to the right of it which will allow the camera to auto select the while balance. If it is already checked, uncheck it, and check it again. If this still doesn't work click the "Default" button at the bottom. When you are finished select "Apply" at the bottom.

Q: Where can I get further assistance with the Skype software?
A: The official support site for the Skype software can be found at

Q: Where can I get further assistance with the Creative Live! camera?
A: The official support site for the Creative Live! camera can be found at

For support, please contact the IT Help Desk at (425)352-3456.