Teaching with the iPad

Since its release, educators in both K-12 and higher education have been experimenting with using the iPad in an academic context. Some educators have found the device to be a helpful tool, for both classroom and personal use.

A handful of apps available through Apple have been designed for classroom use, so be sure to browse the App Store. You may also find that even some apps that are not necessarily categorized as "educational" may be useful to your class. Although Learning Technologies can provide ideas for general use of iPads in the classroom, it is recommended that instructors explore their iPad, and tailor it to the class/individual needs or interests.

Still wondering how you could go about teaching with your iPad? Here are some ideas from classrooms around the nation:

Using the iPad in the Classroom

Despite being a personal device, the iPad can still be used during class time, or in a group setting. Examples of ways to do this include:

Using the iPad for Class Organization

Keep in mind that there are uses for the iPad in education outside of the classroom as well. There are many tools to help you organize classes and your personal schedule:

If you are looking for apps that may be of academic interest in general, please visit our Apps for the iPad page.