Annotating Lecture Materials With the iPad

If you would like to annotate your lecture materials (i.e. PowerPoint presentation, assigned reading) during a class session, you may do this with your iPad. The only requirements are a computer, a projector (available in any UWB classroom) and the Dropbox and Airsketch apps installed on your iPad. Below is a video tutorial explaining this process in depth.

Before you start, also make sure that you have done the following:

 Full transcript available here via Google Docs

Best Practices/Known Issues

  • Airsketch should be run in an HTML5 compatible browser. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed. From our testing, we've found that Mozilla Firefox works the best with Airsketch.
  • Airsketch may experience some difficulties if your browser, Internet connection, or computer is running slow. If the page won't load in your browser, try refreshing it, or try another browser. If issues persist, try using a personal laptop that is connected to an ePodium.
  • Set up your iPad and the ePodium well before class starts, leaving room for solving these issues.
  • If available, use a stylus for your iPad. This will allow you to make more precise lines and more readable notes.