iPad Operation

When you turn on the iPad, you will be taken to the home screen similar to the one displayed below. The iPad has a few exterior buttons which allow you to turn on/off the iPad, adjust the volume, and return to the home screen. Everything else on the iPad is controlled entirely with your fingers via the touchscreen.


Manipulating objects and pages on the iPad is done by performing gestures on the touchscreen. You can scroll the page up/down and left/right by flicking your finger across the screen in the direction that you want to scroll. Pinching your fingers enlarges the page being displayed and reversing this action will likewise zoom out. Rotating your fingers in the clockwise/counterclokwise motion will rotate the obeject on

Physically turning the iPad will automatically rotate the screen based on the device's orientation.

To type, touch the text box or application that you want to input text. The iPad's on-screen keyboard will pop-up from the bottom. When you are finished typing, tap the hide keyboard button to hide the keyboard.

on screen keyboard

To exit a program or return to the main menu, push the Main Menu button (button with a white square). This will take you to the home screen.

When you are finished using the iPad, you can blank out the screen and enter standby mode by pushing the power button once.