Downloading Apps to your iPad

The App Store is an online directory of programs that have been approved by Apple for use on the iPad. Here you can find a number of free and paid programs that can be downloaded to your iPad to extend its functions. To access the App Store, touch the App Store icon on your homescreen.



Before you can install apps to your iPad, you must first create an iTunes account. This is required to log-in to the app store to download apps. You can do this within the iPad or on the computer. If you already have an iTunes account, simply log-in when prompted.


Once you have logged in, you can start downloading apps to your iPad. Free apps can be downloaded immediately, however apps that cost money will require a source of funds (eg. credit card) to purchase.

It should also be noted that some apps that were designed for the iPhone may not display in full screen on the iPad.

Future updates for your apps are done through the app store under the Updates button. The App Store icon will display a red circle with the number of updates to be installed when updates are available.