Creating a Site


Create a New Site

To create a new site, go to http://gsites.uw.edu and login with your UW NetID and password. UW Google Apps. Then, click the "Create" button.

The first step in creating your new site is choosing a template and naming your site.
To choose a template, click Browse the gallery for more to select the template for the program in which you are involved. If you are in CUSP, search "cusp" to find the template. If you are in IAS, search "ias" to find the correct template.

Next, when naming your site, you need to follow a naming convention, meaning that the title of your site looks much like the title of other students' sites. This is important in order for your instructor to be able to work with you effectively on your portfolio..

For CUSP and IAS students, the site name should be "CUSP Portfolio, Last Name, First Name" or "IAS Portfolio Last Name, First Name" For example, if your name is John Doe, you would put "CUSP Portfolio Doe, John" or "IAS Portfolio Doe, John".

If you need to, you can still change the name of the site after you have created it by going in to site settings.


The second step is to choose a theme for your ePortfolio. Clicking on “Choose a theme” will expand a visual menu of over 50 themes to choose from. Choose whichever one you like. You can change the theme later if you wish.


The third step is to determine how your page will be categorized and who can see your page. “Site categories” asks you to provide categories that apply to your ePortfolio. “Education” or “portfolio” would be examples of this. “Site description” simply asks you for a brief description about what viewers can expect to see on your site.

When you have finished all these steps, click the red button labeled “create site”. This should be located at the top left corner of the page.


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