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Adding Pages to your Site

Creating Pages in Google Sites from UWB Learning Tech on Vimeo.

After creating your site, you will be automatically redirected to the home page of your new site. Your home page is also available whenever you click your site’s name in the my uw.edu sites menu. To create a new page, click the “Create page” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Clicking this will present you with a new page that asks which type of page you would like. There are several options, but the most common page template for an ePortfolio is the web page. NOTE: IAS Students, make sure to use the File Cabinet template for your Archive page. The web page template allows you can write text, embed gadgets, add images, and arrange the page to your liking.

If, however, you do wish to use a template other than the web page, here is an overview of what each of them can do:
Announcements: You can add posts to the page which are displayed in chronological order. This page also has an RSS feed that viewers can subscribe to.
File Cabinet: This page lets you store and organize files for your site. Also, the file cabinet template allows you to add brief descriptions of each item in your archive, which may help you remember important details about the item.  In addition, it is good practice to name your files with short descriptive titles to help you recognize them (e.g., by the course number and the topic, rather than the type of assignment.)
List: The list page lets you make and organize lists of information.
Start Page: (Only on UW Google Sites) This page can be customized by each individual person viewing the page.
Each page contains a section for you and other viewers to add comments and attachments, depending on your page settings.


After you select your template, the next step is to name your page. Once you have done that, it is time to select where your page will go. You are presented with three options:

  • Top level pages are at the top of the hierarchy of your site and exist next to your homepage as the main "categories of your site.
  • Put page under will put the page as a subpage of the page you were on when you created the new page.
  • Choose a different location to place your page under any other page in the site. Where you put the new page is up to you and how you are organizing your ePortfolio.

When finished, click "create page" and start editing your new page!


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