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Assignment Formats

There are 5 different formats for assignments:

  1. Assignment - a Canvas assignment that can be submitted online through text entry, file uploads, media recordings, Google Docs, URLs, or Canvas pages. This assignment will show up in the Gradebook, on the Syllabus page, and on the Dashboard.
  2. Discussion - a Canvas assignment that will grade student response to discussion topics. This assignment will show up in the Gradebook, on the Syllabus page, and on the Dashboard.
  3. Quiz - a Canvas assignment that can be used to conduct a survey or assess a student's comprehension of course content. This assignment will show up in the Gradebook, on the Syllabus page, and on the Dashboard.
  4. External Tool - an assignment that utilizes LTI technology to link to a third-party application or website. This assignment will show up in the Gradebook, on the Syllabus page, and on the Dashboard.
  5. Not Graded - a Canvas assignment with a due date, but no points or grades will be given for completing the assignment. This assignment will show up on the Syllabus page and the Dashboard.

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Viewing Assignments

To view assignments in a course, simply click on the Assignments tab from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, you can click on the Assignments link at the top of the screen to view assignments from all of your classes.



The assignments page in a course will contain all upcoming and past assignments.

  • You can sort assignments by date or type by clicking the 'Show By' buttons on the top right corner
  • Search for an assignment using the search bar on the top left
  • Click on assignment headings to collapse or expand an assignment category
  • Each assignment listed will display whether or not the assignment is open or closed, the due date, the points received or available, and whether or not the assignment has been graded
Note: Canvas no longer displays instructor comments via the assignments page. Instead, click on the assignment to view all details including comments, or view comments in the gradebook.


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Submitting Assignments

Click on the assignment which you wish to complete. The link will take you to the assignment page with details from your instructor on how to complete the assignment.

Click on the Submit Assignment button once you are ready to submit and complete the assignment.

Screenshot of Canvas showing Submit Assignment button in Assignments page

Depending on the assignment and instructor, you may be able to complete the assignment by uploading files, entering text, creating links, embedding Google Docs, and other media. Once you have uploaded the file, click the Submit Assignment button.

Screenshot of Canvas showing assignment submission options

A confirmation box will appear once the assignment has been successfully submitted. You can resubmit assignments if the instructor allows multiple attempts.

Screenshot of Canvas showing a notification that an assignment has been turned in

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Assignment Groups


Assignments can be grouped together by their types (homework, in-class, quizzes, etc.), which can help you stay organized when looking through the long list of assignments. To group assignments by their type, click the Type button on the top right of the page.

Note: Not all instructors group their assignments. If an instructor does not organize assignment group types, then your list will automatically display according in date order. 

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