Canvas for Students

Pages (Wiki)

The Pages feature in Canvas allows you to create pages containing items or content. Your instructor may have you create pages as part of an assignment or collaborate on editing a page similar to a Wiki. 

Students may edit pages only if the instructor has allowed them to do so.




  • In the content area you can place text, images, videos, equaitons, and other web elements in a page.
  • Clicking on the settings.jpg buttons shows the page history of the page where you can view who made changes, when they made changes, and what changed
  • Click on the Edit button to edit the wiki page

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Editing Pages

  • Click Edit to bring up the rich content editor in Canvas.
  • Here you will be able to write text, create links, write equations, and embed images or video.
  • Clicking HTML Editor will bring up the HTML code for the page allowing for more detailed editing.
  • To link to other Canvas pages you can use the menu on the right side of the screen when editing a page.
  • Clicking on the page you're interested in linking will automatically create a link in the page you're editing.


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