Checking Grades

To check on your grades, go into the course that you wish to view grades for and click on the Grades link from the left navigation menu. Once on the Grades page, you can select another course by clicking on the "For the course" dropdown menu. 

A list of all assignments currently active in the course will appear. 

Screenshot of Canvas' Grades interface

  • Graded assignments are highlighted in gray and show a score.
  • Ungraded assignments are not highlighted and do not count for your total grade.
  • The Checkmark button links to detailed grade statistics for the specified assignment.
  • The Speech bubble button links to the instructor's comment for the assignment.

Tip: You can click on the score of an ungraded assignment and type in an anticipated score to predict the total grade you can get for the class. To return to your actual grades, click on the Revert to Actual Score button to the right.  


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Viewing and Downloading an Annotated Paper


  • Go to Assignments and then click on the title of the assignment 
  • Click on "Submission Details"
Screenshot of Canvas notification indicating that a student has submitted an assignment. Submission details are highlighted
  • And then click on the Preview Icon:
Submission details pop-up window showing Preview button highlighted

(NOTE: Previewing the document may not show the annotations, so make sure you download the document to access its annotations and comments)

  • A window will appear, showing the fully annotated paper within the browser window. To download the annotated paper, click on the download button:

    Submission details preview window showing Download button highlighted
  • Another window will appear, prompting you to choose one of two options. Choose "Download annotated PDF"

    Download File pop-up window showing two links. One option is to download file without annotations and the other option is to download the file with annotations

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