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Canvas for Instructors




Rubrics are an assessment and evaluation tool used to communicate expectations and standards of quality for online-submitted student work.

Example of course rubric on Canvas

Each rubric is comprised of various course outcomes that can be uniquely created for a specific assignment or built using existing outcomes. Rubrics consist of rows, which are used to define the criteria to grade an assignment, and columns, which dictate levels of performance for each criterion.

All rubrics and coursework evaluations on Canvas are stored in Outcomes, which acts as a central rubric repository where creating and editing rubrics can take place.

Rubric repository in Outcomes on Canvas

Why use Rubrics?

Rubrics are used to:

  • Communicate coursework and assignment expectations to students.
  • Align pre-determined learning objectives and outcomes to course assessments.
  • Assess and evaluate online submissions, in combination with SpeedGrader™.

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Adding a Rubric to an Assignment or Discussion

  • Click on the Assignments link.
  • From here, you can either create new, or choose from existing, assignments and discussions to add rubrics to. When creating a new assignment or discussion, click on Add Assignment, and in the type dropdown menu, select either Assignment or Discussion. Update any of the options according to your preferences and click Update.

 Adding an assignment button on CanvasChanging the type of the assignment on Canvas

  • Click on the assignment/discussion's title to open it and then click on Add Rubric.
  • From here, you can edit various rubric details, import existing outcomes, or find an existing rubric to insert into the assignment/discussion.

 Assignment Rubric Details on Canvas

  • Click Create Rubric when finished.

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Adding a Rubric to a Quiz

To add a rubric to a quiz:

  • Click the Quizzes link and then click on the quiz's title.
  • Go up to the top-right portion of the page and, next to the Edit button, click on the gear icon. Select Show Rubric, and when the pop-up window appears, select Add Rubric.

Using the gear icon to select Show Rubric and more options on Canvas Add Rubric button on Canvas

  • From here, you can edit various rubric details, import existing outcomes, or find an existing rubric to insert into the quiz.

Assignment rubric details on Canvas

  • Click Create Rubric when finished.

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Reusing Rubrics Across Courses


In order to reuse rubrics from other Canvas courses, you will need to import content from one course to another. To do this:

  • Go to your course settings

  • On the right hand sidebar, select ‘Import Content into this Course’


  • In the dropdown menu, select ‘Copy a Canvas Course’ and make sure the ‘select migration content’ box is checked.



  • Select the course you wish to reuse a rubric from, then press ‘import'

  • Under current jobs, click on the ‘Select Content’ button

  • A window will appear. You can choose to either import all content from the course, or choose to select specific content.


Once your rubric has been imported, you can now add it to the quiz. To do this:

  • Go to your quizzes and select the quiz you wish to add the rubric

  • Under the settings icon, click on ‘Show Rubric’ then select, ‘Add Rubric’



  • On the top right corner of the pop up window, click on ‘Find a Rubric.’ From there, you will see the rubric that you have just imported. Select the rubric you would like to use, then click ‘Select this Rubric’



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