Canvas for Instructors

Enabling Peer Review

Peer reviews are a great way for students to give each other feedback particularly regarding assignments that involve heavy amounts of writing. It is an opportunity for students to teach one another in the eyes of another student. Not only does the student being reviewed gain peers’ insight on their work, but the reviewer also broadens their knowledge on close reading, paying attention to detail, and develop constructive critique. 

Use the following tutorial to enable peer reviews on Canvas:


  • Create an assignment and expand on Advanced Options settings



  • An online submission type is preferred so students can readily access the assignment which needs to be reviewed
  • Below, check the ‘Require Peer Reviews’ box to enable peer reviews
  • Choose to automatically or manually assign peer reviews



  • If you automatically assign peer reviews, you have the option of choosing the number of reviews each student would be assigned, and the date the review would be assigned
  • Note that peer reviews will be assigned after each student has submitted their assignment




  • To view peer reviews, click ‘Peer Reviews’ on the right sidebar

  • peer-review-5.jpgIndicates a peer review has been submitted

  • peer-review-6.jpgIndicates that a peer review still needs to be submitted