Canvas for Instructors


The Files tool offers instructors a common space to upload their course files. These files can then be accessed from any computer via the Canvas website. The files may also be attached to any other space in the course--assignments, pages, modules, etc.

Many spaces on Canvas will allow you to attach course files, as well as files from your computer. Having the option to do this means that you can attach a file from this (your course) space.

  • To go to your files space, click the Files tab from the main course menu on the left side of the page.

  • In the files page, you will notice that a few folders for your course have been automatically created. The first is the main one you will be using, and will have the same name as your course. The other folder will be collaborations. Collaborations will not be covered in this tutorial, but if you would like more information, visit our collaborations page.
  • You can always create new folders within your course folders. To do this, go to the far right corner of the files page and click Add Folder.

  • In the main file space, you will be prompted to name your folder. Do this, and press the enter key to create the folder. It should now appear in your main file space and course folder space.

  • To upload files, go back to the far right corner of the files page and click Add Files. You will then be prompted to choose a file from your computer. Click the file you would like to upload and click save.

  • The file will begin to upload. Once it has finished, it will appear in your file space.

  • To move the file to a folder, or one folder to another folder, hover your mouse over the icon for the file or folder to get a four-arrow cursor. You may then drag and drop your file/folder into the appropriate folder. 

Note: You can only move files within the right pane, or from the right pane to the left pane.

  • To download a file, simply click on the name of the file, select where you would like to save the file, and after you click OK your download will start.
  • To import a .zip file, click on the green up-arrow next to Add Files | Add Folder, click on browse to find the .zip file on your computer, specify an import location, then click on Upload File