Canvas App for iOS

This page presents a walk-through of the Canvas App for mobile devices running on the Apple iOS system (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Please note: The screen shots below were taken from an iPad running on iOS 6.0.1, so there may be slight variations depending on the device and operating system that you are viewing your app on.

Connecting to UW Canvas
Home Screen and Task Bar
Specific Course Views
Managing Course Files

Connecting to UW Canvas

  • When you first open the Canvas app, it will prompt you to enter in some information so that the app can connect to Canvas at UW. For the URL, type in and tap Connect.


  • The next page will ask you to sign in with your UW NetID as well as confirm that you wish to login to Canvas using this account.


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Home Screen and Task Bar

  • Once you have logged in to Canvas, you will see the home page of the app. This is the main navigation panel for the iOS app.
  • From this view, you can see all of the courses you are currently taking as well as an activity stream and a to-do list. To access a course, simply tap on the notebook icon labeled with the course that you wish to view.
  1. Notebooks - Each notebook represents a course that you are taking or instructing. For a full list, you can click on the "All Courses" button underneath the notebooks grid.
  2. Activity Stream - This section shows the latest events on all of your courses, such as new assignments, discussion posts, etc.
  3. To-Do List - This section shows assignments, events and other notes that you have marked as urgent.
  4. User Icon- This button allows you to access your profile, saved files and log out of your account.
  5. Gradebook Icon - This button allows you to view your class grades and individual assignment grades.
  6. Conversations Icon - This button allows you to view or create messages from your courses.


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Specific Course Views

Below is the typical view once inside a course. The navigation bar at the top lets you access different areas within the course. Note that some tabs will not appear if the instructor is not using that feature in the class.

  1. Schedule Page - This page contains a list of past, current, and upcoming assignments and events. You can view assignments and complete quizzes here.
  2. Discussions Page - This page is the discussion board for the course. You can create, view and respond to discussion board posts here.
  3. People Page - This page contains a list of all current users in the course.
  4. Files Page - This page will show all files that have been uploaded to the course in the files area.
  5. Comments Button - Only available from the Schedule Page, this button allows you to view student comments on the selected assignment or discussion and to respond to them.
  6. SpeedGrader Button - Only available from the Schedule Page, this button takes you directly to the assignment on the Instructure SpeedGrader App, if you have it installed. This will allow you to view or grade student submissions much more easily.


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Managing Course Files

Another convenient feature that the iOS Canvas App has for instructors is the ability to upload, organize, edit and view files directly from the Canvas app.

  • After opening up your specific course view, click on the Files page at the top of the navigation bar to open up the course files repository.
  • Opening this page will allow you to access course files from the directory outline on the left panel, and present a preview of the file on the right panel.
  • If you are an instructor, clicking on the Gear Button will allow you to manage your course files.
  1. Add Folder Button - This creates a new folder to organize your course files with.
  2. Upload File Button - This allows you to upload a new file into your Canvas course from your mobile device.
  3. Edit Items Button - This allows you to check and delete files from your course.
  4. More Options Button - This allows you to interact with the file while using another app such as to mark up the document or print it.


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