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The Assignments Section in Canvas allows instructors create and manage all homework assignments for their course on a single page. Any assignment you create will automatically show up in the enrolled students' Calendar, Grades, and Syllabus pages.

  • To access the Assignments Section for your course, click on the Assignments Tab on the left navigation panel of your course page.


  • The Assignments Section will appear with something like this:


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Creating an Assignment

  • To create assignments and categorize them for varied weights and ease of access, start by first clicking the Add Assignment Group button on the right.
  • If the top Weight the final grade based on assignment groups area has been checked off, then a % of total grade section will be available for input. Clicking on Add grading rule will allow you to drop a grade for the assignment group.


  • After you have created an assignment group, you may create an assignment by:
    1)   hovering over the upper right-hand corner of the assignment group and
          clicking the button, or
    2)   selecting the assignment group from the right dropdown menu and then
          clicking Add Assignment.


  • Once you have chosen to add an assignment, the following form will appear. From the dropdown menu, you will be able to select the Assignment Type.


  • Clicking on More options will redirect you to a new page where you can edit specific assignment details, such as the description, specific grading deadlines, and more. (See Editing/Removing an Assignment section below for details.)
  • Finally, by clicking Update (or Update Assignment on the More options page),  your assignment will be posted and viewable by other course members.

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Editing/Removing an Assignment

Upon entering the Assignments Section, you will be able to view the course assignment groups in a layout similar to the one in the screenshot below. Important editing and removing features have been boxed off and explained as well.


  1. Click and hold the double-sided arrow to organize the order of assignments as they appear on another course member's screen.
  2. Clicking on the assignment title will redirect you to the assignment's details page. From there, you will be able to edit specific assignment details.
  3. Clicking on the pencil will allow you to edit basic assignment details, such as the assignment title, due date and maximum score available.
  4. Clicking on the X mark will allow you to delete the assignment directly from the general Assignments Section.

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Allowing Online Submissions

  • To allow students to submit assignments through Canvas you will need to change the submission type for the assignment.
  • First bring up the edit screen for the assignment, on this screen click on Show Advanced Options below the assignment group drop down menu.

  • Next, select Online from the submission type menu.

  • This will cause more check boxes to be displayed allowing you to choose how the students will submit the assignment online.
  • Select Allow File Uploads which will bring up another check box which will allow you to restrict the types of files students can upload.

  • Restricting the file type can help standardize the files that are submitted for the assignment, and prevent unusual file types.

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