Google ePortfolio Tutorial for Instructors

Summary of Essential Steps

Here is a summary of the essential steps faculty will need to take to review a student’s ePortfolio. See the top of each page for the navigation bar.

  1. Activate your UW Google Apps account (if you have not done so already).
  2. Access your Sites area with your UW NETID. Students will have added you as an owner to their ePortfolio, so when you access your Sites area, you will see the links to the students’ ePortfolio.
  3. Manage a Quarterly List of ePortfolios - after you teach for a few quarters, you'll notice that your list of Google Sites grows rapidly and it becomes cumbersome to find individual student sites.
  4. Add comments or other reflection pieces to the ePortfolio.
  5. Remove yourself from the student's portfolio to prevent future edit conflicts.

Using UW Google Apps

UW Google Apps is a collection of web tools that let users easily collaborate with others on assignments and other tasks. The University of Washington has partnered with Google to provide Google Apps for UW faculty, staff, and students.

UW Google Apps is tied to your UW NETID and is different from a separate Google Account. You can login to UW Google Apps using your NETID from (http://gmail.uw.edu) or on the Google homepage.

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