Using a Drawing Tablet with Tegrity


The Wacom Bamboo tablet is a drawing tablet (not to be confused with iPad and Android) that allows users to easily add handwriting and drawings to PowerPoint presentations. Instructors can make use of a Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet to write, draw, and mark-up lectures during a recording session with Tegrity.

Learning Technologies currently has 3 Wacom Bamboo tablets available for instructors to reserve.

Capturing Handwriting

One of the key features of PowerPoint presentations is the ability to annotate or draw on the slides during the presentation. By using the drawing tablet to input hand drawn notes or equations on to PowerPoint slides, the Tegrity recorder also records the drawings which then appear on uploaded recordings.

Video Tutorial


  • Plug-in the Wacom Bamboo Tablet before opening files or starting Tegrity.
  • You will have to request IT to install the tablet driver on a campus computer.
  • Open your PowerPoint presentation and begin a Tegrity recording.
  • Start your presentation. Whenever you want to mark-up or add notes to the presentation, click the button on the lower left corner.
  • Use the tablet pen to draw figures, equations, and other notes. These will be picked up by Tegrity.
  • You may save the marked-up slides as a seperate PowerPoint file.

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