Tegrity for Faculty

The following are a series of guides and tutorials designed to help faculty get started and perform basic functions in Tegrity.

If you are using a classroom computer, see the Essential Steps for Recording in a UWB Classroom. From any other computer you can simply access Tegrity via the following link: http://uw.tegrity.com and login with your UW netid.

Tegrity Tutorials

Additional Tutorials:

Known Issues

  • When using Internet Explorer at an epodium on campus, you will be prompted to click "allow" the first time you use Tegrity. After the first time, you should not be prompted to click "allow" again.
  • Tegrity will not run in Firefox if the appropriate plugins are not installed. See the steps to fix this here.
  • When logging out of Tegrity, you will not be completely logged out until you close the browser.
  • Under My Tegrity, most current classes will display the course name, but past classes will appear as something similar to: urn-mace-washington.edu-groups-course_2011win-xx550.
  • Disclaimer text and home page redirect URL do not appear.
  • Tegrity for Mac is far more limited than Tegrity for PC. Some differences in Mac vs. PC include:
    • "Webcast" not available on Mac
    • "Test Video" not available on Mac
    • Difference in Tegrity Recorder layout
    • Built-in tutorial not available on Mac
    • Annotation and whiteboard tools not available on Mac
    • Cannot adjust quality of frame rate on Mac recorder