Best Practices for Tegrity


Creative Uses for Tegrity

Creative Uses for Tegrity

Did you know that both faculty and students can create Tegrity recordings? Tegrity is a software that can be used to go beyond simply recording a lecture. Below are just a few ways that you can stretch the uses of Tegrity:

  • Record demonstrations or tutorials that students would want to/need to watch several times
  • Record a guest speaker(s) who cannot make it to your scheduled class time
  • Walk students through directions of an assignment or project
  • Provide students with audio/video feedback about their assignments and papers
  • Record a weekly summary of the class and give an overview of future assignments
  • Have students record presentations, conduct interviews, complete oral exams, record reflective commentary, engage in a debate with a colleague

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Best Practices when Recording with Tegrity

Best Practices when Recording Tegrity

Recording a video in Tegrity can be as simple as hitting "Record" and "Stop". However, there are a few things you can do prior to recording that can help save you time, effort, and help you produce a better recording.

Minimize Environmental Distractions

If you are recording from your home or office, it is easy to forget about small distractions that can turn out to be huge distractions on screen. To minimize these distractions:

  • Close your windows and door (consider putting a "recording in process" note on your door)
  • Silence your cell phone and avoid sitting next to an office phone that might ring (or take it off the hook)
  • Turn off/mute any sound coming from your music device, TV, radio, etc.
  • Corral your kids, dogs, cats, partner
  • Wear solid colors if recording with video. Patterns can be distracting and can show up as moving when recorded, such as Houndstooth or Herringbone patterns.
  • Make sure there is nothing distracting behind you that could disrupt your video

Minimize Technological Distractions

  • Eliminate desktop distractions (email pop-ups, Twitter feeds, etc.)
  • Close all other applications on your computer, except what you're using, and try not to use more than one application at a time. Too much load on the computer can distort audio and video quality.

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Recording Tips & Reminders

Recording Tips and Reminders for Tegrity

  • Give yourself time to setup to ensure everything is prepared and working correctly
  • Make a small recording first to see if the audio, video, and presentation are correct. So for instance, a laptop fan on your computer, which doesn't sound very loud, can come across like a piercing whine on Tegrity.
  • Open up all of your PowerPoint slides, etc., in the background. This will make it easier for you to access your presentation once you have started the recording.
  • Keep it simple. Do not over-complicate the recording -- especially in the beginning. Get comfortable with the basics of how to record, pushing play, pause, stop, and upload.
  • Accept that there will be mistakes in your Tegrity video. You will stumble over and mispronounce your words, lose your train of thought, etc. Keep practicing to familiarize yourself with the software.
  • You'll hate your voice. Don't worry about it.
  • Don't chew gum or have any other food in your mouth while recording.
  • Make eye contact with the camera.
  • Sometimes slides don't keep up with the audio in Tegrity, especially if you skip around. Try to stay in the order of your slides to minimize the lag.

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