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Tegrity - Lecture Capture

Tegrity is a lecture capturing software that allows instructors to capture video, audio and screen activity (separately or in real time) on a computer and upload it to a central web server for viewing.

Tegrity Login

To explore Tegrity at UW:

  • Go to uw.tegrity.com
  • Enter your UW NETID and password, then click Log in

Through this site, you can access all of your Tegrity recordings as well as create new recordings.

Creating Tegrity Courses

If you are teaching an actual course listed on the registration system at any UW campus, Tegrity will automatically create a course for you. You can begin recording immediately by logging in to Tegrity.

Faculty, staff, and students who are not teaching a course can use the Tegrity Manager to create a course space to use for other purposes such as presentations, committees,  group projects, training sessions, etc.

Best Practices for Tegrity

Click here for more detailed information about best practices when using Tegrity for your courses.

Why Use Tegrity in your Courses?

  • Create hybrid courses where a significant portion of a class is online, replacing face-to-face time
  • Give students the chance to review lectures in case they missed information in class
  • Switch the classroom up--record lectures so students can watch them at home in advance. Use classroom time for questions and collaborative work
  • Create lectures for days you know you'll be gone or for snow days

Tegrity layout

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Research on Lecture Capture

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