Canvas for Faculty

Course Sections Settings


The Sections tab allows you to add multiple sections to your course. When your course is initially created, you will have one section to put students and other members of your course into. Adding sections is helpful when your course:

  • is setup on a Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday format. One section could be for Mon./Wed. and the second section could be for Tues./Thurs.
  • is taught in two versions: online and face-to-face. The first section could contain content for the online version of your course and the second section could contain content for the face-to-face version of your course.

To add a new section to your course, type in the name of the section and then click on Add Section. The new section will be placed under Course Sections. The list is ordered chronologically with older sections on top and newer sections on the bottom.

By clicking on the section's name, you can see current and completed enrollments for that section. You can also edit the name of the section and when the section will start and conclude by clicking on the Edit Section button on the right side of the page.