SpeedGrader for iPad

The SpeedGrader App for iPad (the Android version has not yet been released) lets instructors easily view student submissions to assignments and quizzes as well as give grades and feedback. You can download the SpeedGrader app from the App Store for free on your iPad or another Apple mobile device.


Connecting to Canvas

  • When you open the SpeedGrader app, it will prompt you to enter some information to connect to Canvas at UW. For the URL, type in uw.u and press Connect.

Canvas App Connect course

  • The next page will ask you to sign in with your UW NetID. After doing so, the confirmation page shown below will pop up, requesting you to provide access for the app to your UW account. Press the Log in button to finish signing in.

Canvas IOS App login

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Home Screen and Notebook Menu

  • After logging in, all of the courses that you are currently teaching will appear as notebooks. A red ribbon means there are new (ungraded) submissions for the specific course. Simply tap on the notebook you wish to view submissions for. This will bring up a list of assignments, discussions, and quizzes for that course.

Canvas app home page

  • You can see how many new submissions need to be graded underneath the assignment title with a x needs grading, where x is the number of submissions to be graded. An example is highlighted in the screenshot below.

 App Course overview

  • Tapping on the assignment will allow you to view student submissions directly on the mobile device. From here, you can make comments on the submissions as well as assign a grade to the assignment.

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SpeedGrader File Viewing

  • After opening a document, a preview of the student's submission will appear like the one below, with organizational and grading buttons on the top navigation bar.
  1. Home Button - Redirects you back to the home notebook menu for the course.
  2. Students Button - This displays a list of the students enrolled in the class. Clicking on a name opens up the specified student's assignment if he or she has submitted one.
       a.  Sort by Name Option - This sorts the student list in alphabetical order.
       b.  Sort by Grade Option - This sorts the student list by the grade that they
            received (from lowest to highest to ungraded).
  3. Versions Button - This displays a list of all submissions by the specified student.
  4. Files Button - This displays a list of files from the specified submission. Clicking on a file title will open it up in the file viewer underneath.
  5. Comments Button - This feature allows you to add text or audio comments for the student's work.
  6. Grading Button - This allows you to enter a grade for the student. Simply enter a number in the drop-down menu that appears and it will automatically save if you are connected to the internet. It is also possible to give extra credit.
  7. Open Button - This button allows you to view the document with another app that is installed on your device and compatible with the file format.(See the following section for a more specific example of how to use this feature.)

Course tools

  • Please note: The SpeedGrader viewer only works on certain file formats such as doc, docx, and pdf.

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Using SpeedGrader with Other Apps

After viewing a student's submission, you may wish to mark on the document to leave more precise comments. This can be done with SpeedGrader's Open button (see section above for more information) and a mark-up app. In this tutorial, an app called "AirSketch" was used.

  • Once you have opened up the student submission with the SpeedGrader app, tap the Open button and select Open in [app name] from the drop-down menu. This will open up the document directly in the selected app.

Open In Airsketch

  • Once the document has been opened, you may write or draw on the document.

Airsketch introduction with writing on page

  • Most mark-up apps will have a button similar to the one circled and marked with an asterix (*) above. This will allow you to save the marked-up document to be attached to a Canvas message or e-mailed to a student.

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