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Course Management Menu

Course management menu

  1. Shows you what a student will see when they go to your course. This can be helpful when testing the visibility of assignments, due dates, course content, etc.
  2. Shows statistical data about your course. This includes totals for the number of discussions, assignments, students, and/or quizzes in your course, as well as information about recently logged-in students and your course's storage capacity.
  3. Shows an overview of your course's calendar. You can toggle between a weekly or monthly view.
  4. Concludes your course and changes your course to a read-only format. You, as the instructor, and your students are unable to change any of its content after it has been concluded. This course will also be filed under Past Courses.
  5. Deletes your course in its entirety and it will not appear in the course menu, enrollments page, and past enrollments in any way. Once deleted, no one can access it, including you.
  6. Allows you to import content from another LMS, such as Blackboard. For more information about this feature, click here.
  7. Exports quizzes or your course as a whole. After clicking Create Export, a progress bar will appear, and upon completion, an email will be sent to you notifying you that your exported content is ready to be downloaded.
  8. Deletes all content from the course, giving you a clean slate. This cannot be reversed and the content cannot be retrieved once a reset takes place.
  9. Validate Links in Content - Makes sure all the links in your course are still available and active, returning invalid or unresponsive links.