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Tutorials are externally hosted for easy printing. Note: Tutorials reflect the software installed in the UW2-121, UW2-140, and the UW2-211 labs. Older/newer versions of the software listed below are not supported.

Helpful Tutorials:

Importing Media from IT Helpdesk Equipment:

Other Equipment in UW2-121 and UW2-140

Conversion Tutorials:


Pearson ED-TPA:

Department and Assignment Specific Tutorials

Old Tutorials


Adobe Photoshop CC:


Note: links are to the offical Adobe CC webpage.


Adobe Premiere CC Tutorials


Project Management:

How To - Commonly Asked Questions:


Apple iMovie:


How To & Commonly Asked Questions:


Audacity Basics


How To - Commonly Asked Questions:


Final Cut Pro X Tutorials


Project Management:

How To - Commonly Asked Questions:

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