Pre-Production Resources

General Pre-Pro Resources a variety of articles about preproduction, including screenwriting.
PBS page “for teachers”. Nice, concise overview of pre-production tasks.
Video production instructions aimed at government institutions. Nice, clear coverage of pre-production tasks.
Explanation of how to create a checklist of video pre-production tasks.
Interesting overview of planning for video production.
Quite detailed checklist of pre-production tasks.

Script Writing Resources


Comprehensive, if a little slow and cluttered, resource for script writing.
A 9-step guide to writing a script. A little simplistic, but contains some important considerations at a high level.
Another simplistic resource. This one introduces a number of concepts that are important and good keywords for further study.
An online book in basic (and pretty ugly) HTML that covers the screenwriting process in great detail.
Another grab-bag of info about screenwriting.
An online magazine with articles about writing scripts. More of a random-access resource than a guide, but has some good articles.
A good summary page with a lot of technical details about formatting screenplays, as well as more conceptual topics.
A great collection of articles and resources for writing a script.
A site very cluttered with ads that walks you through the screenwriting process.
Very straightforward site that has info for different types of scripts (video, documentary, screenplay format). Also has some info about storyboarding.

Storyboarding Resources


Overview of storyboarding process with some discussion about methods/media.
Nice collection of introductory videos about storyboarding.
Video hacked together from some DVD extras about the importance and utility of storyboards.
A very nice series of videos about storyboarding.


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