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Course Related Student Media Projects:

Digital media production is an important form of scholarly research and instruction here at the University of Washington Bothell. Below is a list of student media projects and the professors who made their work possible.


Fall 2014Sam Yum's:

BISMCS 472A Advanced Media Production Workshop, Visual Storytelling:

BISMCS 240A Working with Video:

Jill Freidberg's:

BISMCS 343 (Documentary Production) and BISMCS 260 (Working with Audio) courses. UW Only


Audio Stories:


Spring 2014Sam Yum's:

BISMCS 472A Advanced Media Production Workshop, Visual Storytelling:

BISMCS 234A Media & Communication Techniques, Working with Video

Winter 2014The University of Washington Bothell Library has a number of digital media collections and resources available at

Audio stories (UW Access Only) produced in Prof. Jill Freidberg's Working With Audio course this quarter and here's some excerpts from the oral histories from BISMCS 343

Students from Prof. Sam Yum’s BISMCS 234 Media & Communication Techniques (Working with Video) video projects.

Prof. Amoshaun Toft's BISMCS 333 & BISMCS 402 course student audio projects can be found streaming on

Prof. Gary Carpenter's Public Art and Social Change students posters and projects can be found here

Fall 2013Students from Sam Yum’s BISMCS 472 Advanced Media Production Workshop (Visual Storytelling) and BISMCS 234 Media & Communication Techniques (Working with Video) video projects.


Students in Prof. Gary Carpenter's BCUSP 191 Art in Public Spaces course explored the issues surrounding homelessness as a starting point to develop a group poster project and an individual, public art sculpture proposal.

Prof. Gary Carpenter's students in BCUSP 191 Art in Public Spaces course created three separate projects including a group design/build project as part of the Innovation Forum, a group poster project exploring a range of social issues as well as a public art proposal exploring the amazing UWB wetland restoration and the Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory.

Radio stories produced in Prof. Amoshaun Toft's BIS 343 course.

Prof. Ruth Gregory taught a Discover Core III course which focused on the Digital Humanities called "Reality Bytes: Introduction to Digital Humanities".

Prof. Sam Yum's – Winter 2013 - Advanced Media Production Workshop and Topics in Cultural & Arts Practice Students – An exploration of visual media through the construction of narratives – using UWB Information Technologies equipment, media support services, and the Digital Media Lab 121. BISMCS 234A Media & Communications Techniques - Working with Video

Prof. Sam Yum's – Advanced Media Production Workshop and Topics in Cultural & Arts Practice Students. BISMCS 472A Advanced Media Production - Visual Storytelling

Prof. Jill Freidberg’s “Working with Audio” class produced a great collection of audio storytelling projects last quarter. “Sound surrounds us. It’s the invisible element that only becomes obvious when it goes away. Sound is information, stories, location, and memories. It tells us where we are and where we’re going. It fills in the blanks. It forces our imaginations to create the pictures that go with the sounds we hear. It reminds us of places we’ve been, things we’ve done, and feelings we’ve had. Sound alerts us to danger, sets us at ease, wakes us up and puts us to sleep. Sound is everywhere.” – From the BIS 234 Course Description

Prof. Jane VanGalen’s Education students put together an excellent RSA video called “The Muses Go to School: Inspiring Stories about the Importance of Arts in Education”.

Prof. Kristin Gustafson’s “Non-Fiction Writing for Media” students created a bunch of awesome projects in the Digital Media Lab last quarter. Students focused on being able to “demonstrate their nonfiction media writing practices, do original and rigorous out-of-classroom reporting, create a multimedia presentation about a nonfiction media writing practice or practitioner, identify and address media audiences, and engage thoughtfully with nonfiction media writing.”

Prof. Jill Freidberg’s, Autumn 2012, Post-Production Editing students created videos on a wide variety of topics from personal stories to issues affecting their community/world. They used “non-linear video editing programs, and graphic design software, students will create and complete short digital storytelling assignments using the objects, sounds, and images that they find in their lives and communities.” – BISMCS234 Course Description

2011-2012 School Year:

Kari Lerum and Amoshaun Toft's BCUSP 104G / 107G class.

Students in CSS 411 / BIS 421, Spring 2010 & 2011, Computing Technology and Public Policy created public service announcements (PSAs) and video presentations as part of service learning activities to help inform the public about digital technology issues.