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The Open Learning Lab

What is the Open Learning Lab? 

The Open Learning Lab, in UW2-140, houses twenty-two Microsoft Windows computers as well as sixteen Apple iMacs with digital media and learning technologies software. The OLL is open UW2 building hours:

We offer support for the following programs:

Learning Technologies - The Open Learning Lab - Supports students in the Folling Software: Audaicty, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, iMovie, Canvas, ePortfolios, and Panopto.

Software support is offered Monday through Thursday, during the quarter, 10am to 4pm. Please note: we do not offer in-person support school holidays, interims, and breaks.



DML Calendar

Digital Media Lab and Open Learning Lab calendar

The Open Learning Lab (UW2-140), The Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) & Usability Stuido (UW2-211)
is open building hours unless otherwise noted in the calendar above.


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