Usability & Production Studio

Discovery Hall -167&169 is our new Usability and Production Studio .

Inside we have a mounted greenscreen (8X9) and sound dampeners. We also have six lights mounted and fed to a light controller in the control room 167.

Warning: Equipment is set up each week on Monday. If equipment becomes detached, or someone changes the equipment around, there is zero support offered for these rooms. Please consider other students before you change how the equipment is set-up.

Inside the usability studio showing the green screen, sound dampeners, and lights.

The Control Room, DISC-167, has a dedicated Apple iMac computer with Final Cut Pro installed and a dedicated Windows Computer both of which can be used to capture audio from the 4 microphone XLR inputs located in DISC-169.

Reserve this space:

Please make sure you have checked the calendar for availability ( Room reservations come on a first come, first serve basis.

Space reservations take up to 72 hours to process (Business Days) - No Exceptions! Please plan ahead of time to guarantee access. Due to security rules and regulations there is no way to do same day reservations!

Please fill out the access form: - You will not get an email confirmation sent to you. To verify you have access please check the calendar below.

With your request, your name will be placed on the calendar below. Reservations will give you 2 hours in the room. If you need more time, and the room is free, please fill out another request for an additional 2 hours.

Once you receive a confirmation email. You will need to go to the security office and they will give you access for the day. You must bring your husky ID card to security to gain access.



All items left in the room will be turned over to security.


Did You Know?

Forty-nine percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in their families to attend college.