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The Open Learning Lab

What is the Open Learning Lab?

The Open Learning Lab, in UW2-140, houses twenty-two Windows PCs as well as fifteen Apple iMacs with digital media and learning technologies software. The OLL is open UW2 building hours: http://www.bothell.washington.edu/safety/hours

What services are offered in the lab?

The OLL (UW2-140) offers one on one student tutoring in media production software, eLearning programs, and online tutorial services for students, staff and faculty. Our on-site Learning Technologies tutors are available to guide students, faculty, and staff on digital media-related projects and canvas/ePortfolio support during tutoring lab hours - posted each quarter on the room calendar (located on the top right side of this page).

We offer support for the following program:


For more information please watch this video.

Check out our New Tutorial Repository!

Faculty: If you would like to set up a digital media-technology consultation or want more information about media services for teaching and learning, please contact: Learning Technologies at uwblt@uw.edu

DML/OLL Calendar


The Open Learning Lab (UW2-140), The Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) & The Digital Media  Active Learning Lab (UW2-211)
are open building hours unless otherwise noted in the calendar above.


Digital Media Groups on Campus and in the Community

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Need Assistance?

Please contact: Learning Technologies