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Clickers for Students

What are Clickers used for?

Clickers are used in classes to facilitate interaction between students and the instructor. For example, instructors might conduct polling and question-and-answer sessions via PowerPoint through the clicker system.

Purchasing a Clicker

If a course you are registered in requires you to purchase a clicker, it will typically be listed under the Required Textbooks section of the registration page as "Response Card", "RF Device" or something similar.

You can purchase a clicker three ways:

  1. At the UW Bookstore
  2. Online: Go to Turning Technologies' Website. For a discount, use the University of Washington School Purchase Code: 9mF5
  3. If you are selling a clicker you have used to another student, or if you are purchasing a used clicker from another student, please email learningtech@uwb.edu with the following information:
    • The name of the person who originally owned the clicker (whether that is you or the person you bought it from)
    • The Device ID on the back of the Turning Technologies Response Card that looks like this <insert image of the device ID used elsewhere>

Note: the same clicker can be reused for different classes.


Getting Started

First time using clickers in a class? Check out the steps below to register your clicker with the class. Your instructor will specify when to use your clickers in class.

NOTE: These steps are for classes at UW Bothell that explicitly require students to purchase a personal response device (clicker) for a course they are registered in.

Steps for Registering your Clicker

  • Go to your course's Canvas website
  • Under Modules, click on the link to 'Turning Technologies Registration Tool'
  • Enter your Device ID and the captcha code
  • For Device ID, enter the six digit number on the back of the clicker.


Note: once you register your Clicker decive through Canvas, you do not need to register again for a future class.