PowerPoint Polling


To add new questions to a presentation, go up to the top-left portion of the page and click on the Objects button. A drop-down menu will appear giving you 8 objects to choose from to insert into your presentation:

  • Correct Answer Indicator
    • The Correct Answer Indicator, which includes indicators such as a Rectangle, Checkmark, Smiley, etc., highlights and shows the correct answer(s) to the audience after all answers have been submitted.
  • Charts
    • Charts, which includes Vertical, Horizontal, 3D Pie, etc., visually illustrates the results of the audience's choices for each answer. Each result can be displayed as a percentage or a number and the type of chart can be changed for each slide.
  • Animated Charts
    • Similar to Charts, Animated Charts, which include 3D Column, 2D Column, 3D Pie, etc., are flash object place holders that appear in the question slide and will only be visible when the presentation is set to Full Screen Presentation. Each chart will show the results of the audience's choices, and will be displayed with either a percentage or number.
    • NOTE: Adobe Flash Player must be installed to use the animated charts.
  • Countdown
    • A Countdown, which include Square, Letter, Clock, and Gemstone timers, is a visual cue shown to the audience that a set amount of time is about to expire as it counts down to zero. When the time expires, polling will automatically close and the audience will be unable to submit their answers.
  • Grids
    • Also known as Response Grids, which include choices for Table, Response, and Non-Response, Grids will indicate to participants that their answer has been submitted by lighting up the number on the grid that corresponds with the response unit.
  • Prompt
    • A Prompt, which include styles such as Bevel, Explosion, Speech, and Marquis, will give the participants a visual cue to act depending on what the prompt says. For example in the prompt, you can tell students to "Answer Now" when the prompt appears.
  • Response Counter
    • A Response Counter will keep track of how many participants have submitted a response. This will occur during the slide show presentation.
  • Stats
    • The Stats object will display the submitted answers' Mean, Median, Variance, and/or Standard Deviation for a particular question/slide.