Clickers for Faculty

Dashboard Overview


TurningPoint 5 has combined all its previously separate features into one program and provides a dashboard to help navigate each feature.



There are three different polling options to select: PowerPoint, Anywhere, and Self-Paced. Click the links to the polling tutorials to learn more about each option of polling.

Before choosing a polling option, you can select a participant list and a question set so that these are automatically brought up when opening a particular polling option, rather than loading them once polling program is open. 


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The content tab allows you to store and organize all of your question lists including PowerPoint presentations.


  • The content tab lists all your existing polls
  • You can add a new poll by clicking Content > New or Content > Import
  • The pencil icon allows you to change the name and description of the poll



  • Upon clicking the ‘Edit Question List’ button, you will see this page
  • To add or delete a question, click the question button on the top left
  • The pencil icons to the right of each question allow you to edit the individual questions
  • The panel on the right is additional question, polling, and scoring options

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This tab provides data on sessions and participants as well as the standing of each participant. Data are displayed similarly to those in a gradebook.



  • Click the ‘Participant List’ or ‘Session’ dropbox to add and delete data



  • After clicking ‘Results Manager,’ this is the page you will see
  • Clicking on ‘Columns’ gives an option to manually input results that are not from a poll session
  • The panel to the right provides viewing options



  • To view individual participant information, click on the participant’s name
  • The right panel provides participant’s basic information, device information, and a grade overview
  • There is an option to edit participants’ information, as well as remove the participant all together

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