Also known as the Conversations Inbox, the Inbox will store all messages and conversations you have with instructors and other students on Canvas.

To access your inbox, at the top-right portion of the page, click on Inbox found next to the Settings link.

Canvas navigation bar with inbox highlighted


Inbox Interface

Inbox interface


Top Menu Bar

Top menu bar

  • Filter which course you want to see messages from by clicking on the All Courses drop-down menu
  • Filter through different types of messages by clicking on the Inbox drop-down menu
  • Search your inbox by typing in a name, course, or group into the Search By User box
  • Create a new message by clicking on the compose icon icon.

Left Section

Left section of inbox

  • The left section displays messages in your inbox
  • Scroll over a conversation and click the check box button button to select a conversation. The button will turn blue after selected
  • Scroll over a conversation and click the star button button to star a conversation. The button will turn yellow after starred.
  • The number to the right displays the number of messages in the conversation

Right Section

right section of inbox

  • The right section displays the messages you had with a user, group, or course in a conversation
  • More options are available when you scroll over a individual message and hit the more settings button button. You can reply all, forward, or delete the individual message. Unfortunately, deleting an individual message will not cancel it being sent.

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Managing Your Conversations

Inbox managing buttons

  • Managing your messages can be done through the buttons on the top menu.
  • Hover over the buttons to see what they do
  • Use the buttons to compose a new message, reply, archive (stores but does not delete messages), and delete selected messages
  • Clicking on the more settings button icon will open a menu to mark as unread, forward, and star messages

Inbox drop down menu

  • You can view your messages based on their different markings by clicking on the Inbox drop-down menu. Doing so will only show messages that are unread, starred, sent, and archived

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Creating a Message

New message interface

  • To create a message, click on the Compose icon icon.
  • A window will pop up
  • Select a course to easily find recipients
  • Clicking on the Send to button icon will give options to select students or instructors from the selected course
  • You can also type recipient's name to easily send a message.
  • Type in your message in the provided space
  • Click the attachment icon icon to attach any files
  • Click the record or upload media icon icon to record/upload media from your computer


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