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Calendar Overview


Calendar View and Navigation

The Canvas calendar is an tool to help stay up to date with all Canvas courses as well as personal life. 

Here is an overview of the calendar page:

Month view calendar

You can change between different views using the buttons on the upper right hand corner above the calendar. Here is an example of the week view:Week view calendarYou can also navigate the calendar through the arrow buttons,forward or backward buttons, on the upper left hand side of the calendar, or using the mini calendar navigator on the right hand side bar:

Mini navigation calendar

A way to organize your tasks is to click on the specific sections listed on the right side bar as shown below:

Sections list

Clicking on a specific one will uncheck, or check the section, either displaying it or hiding it from the main calendar. 

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Adding a Task to the Calendar

To add a new task, or event, to the calendar, double click on the desired date, or the add button button on the upper corner of the calendar. 

A new window will pop up where you fill in:

  • the title
  • the date it will happen
  • the times it will happen
  • the location

Edit event pop up window

Click submit to add the new event.

If you click on more options, it will bring you to a new page where you have the option to add links, the event description, an address, and an option to repeat this event.

More options page

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Editing an Event

To edit an exiting event, click on the specific event, then click on the Edit buttonbutton. This will open up a pop up window in which you can edit the information for this event

Edit event pop up window

You can also click on the more options button at the bottom left corner, opening a new page, which will allow you to edit more information for the event. 

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