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Creating a New Conference

Screenshot of New Conference window where you can create a new conference and add details, such as the name, duration, and description.

  1. To create a new conference, go to the course you want to create a conference in and click on the Conference link in the left side navigation menu.
  2. In the Conference page, click on the New Conference button.
  3. A new window will appear (shown above) where you can edit elements such as:
    • The conference's name
    • The type of conference you will be hosting
    • The duration of the conference, which can be set with a specific time-limit or no limit at all.
    • A description of the conference
  4. Click on Create Conference when you're finished and ready to host your conference.

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Conference Interface

Conferences allow you to communicate remotely via webcam and virtual whiteboard to students and other course members in Canvas.

The conference interface in Canvas runs on the BigBlueButton framework and is similar to many other web conferencing software such as Adobe Connect. See the screenshot below for an overview of the different areas.

Screenshot of Canvas conference interface. The image shows the user list, presentation/screen space area, the chat window, audio controls, and webcam video.

  • User List - This area shows the users currently in the conference. You can send messages, block users, and interact with them by right clicking on a user name.
  • Audio Control - This area shows users and whether they are broadcasting voice or audio.
  • Presentation/Screen Space - This area is where the presenter will be displaying their presentation. This can be powerpoints, videos, or even the screen capture of their computer.
  • Chat - This area allows you to exchange text messages with users in the course.
  • Webcam/Video - If a presenter or group of users have webcams, they can broadcast their videos to others in here.

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