Canvas for Faculty

Weight Grades

There are two options to weight grades. The first is to simply weight individual assignments by giving them  a relative point value. For example, homework assignments could be worth 10 points, quizzes 20, and exams 50.

The second way is to create an Assignment Group. An Assignment Group is a tool on Canvas that collects a group of similar assignments such as homework, quizzes, essays, etc. From there, you can weight the assignment groups by their percentage of the overall grade.

Follow the steps of the tutorial below to learn how to create an Assignment Group:

Add assignment group button

  • In your assignments page click ‘Add Assignment Group’ on the right hand side


weight the final grade based on assignment groups button

  • You will see this page. From here, you can name your assignment group and add grading rules such as dropping the lowest or highest grades.

  • On the top, you’ll notice the option ‘Weight the final grade based on assignment groups’


Homework percentage options

  • Clicking that selection will show your weight options on the right side

  • Enter the percentage you wish your new assignment group to reflect

  • Continue creating Assignment Groups to fit the needs of your class, and then make sure the percentages total 100% for easy grading