Gradebook Interface


Currently, Canvas' gradebook features both the new and old gradebook interfaces. By default, your gradebook will show the new interface.

Spreadsheet functions are relatively similar, only differing with the newer interface having a few more options to use for grading. Assignment-specific options can be found by hovering or clicking on the down arrow next to each assignments name and gradebook-related options can be found by using the Options drop-down menu or the gear icon.

If you want to switch back to the old interface, click on go back to the old gradebook button  Clicking it again will show the new interface.

Below is an example of how the two interfaces differ from each other:


Old gradebook format


New gradebook format


Interface Details

Drop-down menu for assignments in Gradebook

  • Assignment Details
    • A pop-up window will appear that displays the assignment's average score, highest and lowest score, and the total number of submissions.
  • SpeedGrader
  • Message Students Who ...
    • Allows you to send message(s) to certain students who:
      • haven't been graded
      • scored less than (a given point value)
      • scored more than (a given point value)
  • Set Default Grade
    • A pop-up window will appear allowing you to enter a grade value that all students will receive when submitting an assignment. You can also choose to overwrite already-entered grades.
  • Curve Grades
  • Download Submissions
    • When clicked on, Canvas will consolidate all submissions into a zip file. A progress bar will appear, showing you when the zip file is ready to be downloaded onto your computer.
  • Mute Assignment
    • When an assignment is muted, students will not receive new notifications about or be able to see:
      • Their grade for the assignment
      • Grade change notifications
      • Submission comments
      • Curving assignments
      • Score change notifications