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Collaborations with GoogleDocs

Please note: To use Google Docs through Canvas, all collaborators must have their UW Google Apps account activated (Please click here for a tutorial on activating your UW Google Apps account).

About Google Docs
Authorizing Access to Google Docs
Creating a Google Docs Collaboration
Google Docs Collaboration Interface


About Google Docs

Google Docs allows users to share and edit various types
of documents including:

  • Texts
  • Presentations (i.e. slideshows)
  • Spreadsheets (i.e. tables and charts)
  • Forms
  • Drawings


However, Canvas Google Docs collaborations only allow for text documents to be shared in realtime. Other document formats must be made from the original Google Docs/Google Drive website. (Please see here for more information on Google Docs.)

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Authorizing Access to Google Docs

To access the Canvas Google Doc collaborations, your account must first authorize Canvas to access its linked Google Apps/Google Docs account in order to store, share and edit files with your UW Google Apps account. A prompt will appear to verify that the student would like to authorize access to Google Docs when he or she uses the Google Docs collaboration tool for the first time.

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Creating a New Google Docs Collaboration

  1. Click the Start a new collaboration button.
  2. This will cause the Start a New Collaboration area to appear.
  3. Under the Collaborate using section, select Google Docs.
  4. Enter the Document name and an optional Description.
  5. Select the users you would like to collaborate on the document with.
  6. Click the Start Collaborating button.

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Google Docs Collaboration Interface

Below is what a typical Google Docs collaboration document would look like after opening it up from Canvas. The document automatically saves after every edit and is reloaded on all collaboration screens in realtime. Comments and editing settings can be managed through the Comments and Share buttons in the upper right-hand corner.


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