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About EtherPad
Creating an EtherPad Collaboration
EtherPad Collaboration Interface


About EtherPad


EtherPad is an open-source web service that allows for real-time document collaboration. The Canvas EtherPad service is similar to that of Google Docs, but it does not require an account. However, please note that this app has tested to be slightly buggy, with users sometimes being disconnected from the server without their document saving after moments of inactivity.

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Creating a New EtherPad Collaboration

  1. Click the Start a new collaboration button.
  2. This will cause the Start a New Collaboration area to appear.
  3. Under the Collaborate using section, select EtherPad.
  4. Enter the Document name and an optional Description.
  5. Select the users you would like to collaborate on the document with.
  6. Click the Start Collaborating button.

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EtherPad Collaboration Interface

Below is a screen of what a typical EtherPad collaboration document would look like after opening it up from Canvas. The document automatically saves after every few edits and is reloaded on all collaboration screens in realtime.


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