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Assignment Types

Canvas allows instructors to create various types of assignments in order to better evaluate the progress of students. These assignments can all be created through the general Assignments Section, but are often accessible from elsewhere as well. This page will outline and provide links about each unique type.

Assignment types

Assignment Types

  • Assignments -- Instructors are able to request students upload files, type out a response through Canvas, or request a written/hard-copy submission in class, and then grade it through Canvas. All student responses are kept private.
  • Discussions -- Discussions are best suited for short response assignments. Student responses can be kept private for those who have not yet submitted an answer, but ultimately what is written will be viewable to all course members.
  • Quizzes -- Instructors may create quizzes and tests through Canvas with various question formats and settings.
  • External Tools -- The main difference between the External Tools type and the Assignments type is that the instructor is able to provide a link to an external website through this option.
  • Not Graded -- This is simply an ungraded assignment.


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