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The Assignments Section in Canvas allows instructors create and manage all homework assignments for their course on a single page. Any assignment you create will automatically show up in the enrolled students' Calendar, Grades, and Syllabus pages.

  • To access the Assignments Section for your course, click on the Assignments Tab on the left navigation panel of your course page.


  • The Assignments Section will appear with something like this:

Canvas Assignments View

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Creating an Assignment

  • To create assignments and categorize them for varied weights and ease of access, start by first clicking the + Group button at the top.
  • If the Weight the final grade based on assignment groups setting has been checked off, then a % of total grade section will be available for input.


  • After you have created an assignment group, you may create an assignment by clicking the button.


  • Once you have chosen to add an assignment, the following form will appear. From the dropdown menu, you will be able to select the Assignment Type.


  • Clicking on More options will redirect you to a new page where you can edit specific assignment details, such as the description, specific grading deadlines, and more. (See Editing/Removing an Assignment section below for details.)
  • Next click on Save (or Update Assignment on the More options page),  to save the assignment.
  • Finally, click Publish once you are sure your assignment is ready to be posted for the students to see. Note: An assignment can be unpublished as long as no students have completed the assignment.

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Editing/Removing an Assignment

Upon entering the Assignments Section, you will be able to view the course assignment groups in a layout similar to the one in the screenshot below. 

Assignment Options Menu

  • Click and hold the assignment to organize the order of assignments as they appear on another course member's screen.
  • Clicking on the assignment title will redirect you to the assignment's details page. From there, you will be able to edit specific assignment details.
  • Clicking on the gear icon will display a list of options to choose from for that assignment including Edit, Delete, and Move To...

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Allowing Online Submissions

  • To allow students to submit assignments through Canvas you will need to change the submission type for the assignment.
  • First bring up the edit screen for the assignment, on this screen click on Show Advanced Options below the assignment group drop down menu.

  • Next, select Online from the submission type menu.

  • This will cause more check boxes to be displayed allowing you to choose how the students will submit the assignment online.
  • Select Allow File Uploads which will bring up another check box which will allow you to restrict the types of files students can upload.

  • Restricting the file type can help standardize the files that are submitted for the assignment, and prevent unusual file types.

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