Middle Level Course Prerequisites beginning 2016

The following coursework is required beginning 2016 for K-8 Teacher Certification students who wish to add one or more Middle Level endorsements to their certificate. Coursework must be completed prior to starting the post baccalaureate certification program.

Course Requirements for Middle Level Endorsements

The following courses are required to add an endorsement in each of the following Middle Level areas:

Middle Level Humanities Endorsement (added to K-8 Certification)

Social Studies                                          English                                                 
20 quarter/14 semester credits in the following areas: 20 quarter/14 semester credit hours of:
- U.S. and/World History - Writing
- Geography - Literature
- Economics  
- Civics (Political Science)  
All of the above subject areas are required  

Middle Level Mathematics Endorsement (added to K-8 Certification)

30 quarter/20 semester credits from categories such as:
- Statistics & Probability
- Calculus
- Algebra & Functions
- Geometry & Measurement
- Numbers & Operations

Middle Level Science Endorsement (added to K-8 Certification)

20 quarter/14 semester credits with at least one course in each area:
a. Life Science (e.g., biology, marine biology, environmental science, botany, zoology)
b. Physical Science (e.g., physics, chemistry)
c. Earth & Space Science (e.g., geology, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology)
d. Science and Society (e.g., bio-ethics, sustainable energy, salmon and society)
At least ONE course listed must include a lab


Endorsement Coursework Worksheet (includes K-8 Academic Breadth and Middle Level Endorsement requirements)